Underground tunnels (Erdställe)



Vorau Styria (Strebl-Gang)

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced technology


In Austria, especially in Styria 800 underground tunnels called ”Erdställe” have been found. These tunnels are also known as Souterrains. In Brittany (France) 200 have been found and even 3.000 in Ireland .These tunnels are very puzzling, although there are so many, the purpose and time of origin is still unknown. Based on the finds in the tunnels, science dates them to 11th- 13th century. But they could be much older. In the 16th century many of them were sealed with stones and mud, one was afraid of the pagan belief associated with the tunnels. Very intriguing is the find of two black stones in one of the tunnels in Austria, in sunlight they turn blue, sometimes they glow properly. Also puzzling are the underground ring structures, one found in Styria was 8m in diameter and build up from two walls, filled with Quartz sand. What for? Some tunnels were carved out of the hard bedrock (Gneiss), there you can see machining marks, that run parallel, the surface is glazed. Who was able cut such hard stone so precisely? Once again someone was doing an enormous amount of work to create these underground tunnels, which can be found worldwide. In almost all ancient cultures there are myths and legends that tell of an underground world. Maybe some of these underground structures could be some kind of ancient lost technology which used the earth energy to work as transmitter and receiver? In fact, we still don’t know.