Golden Hats




Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


There are 4 mysterious Golden Hats found at different times and places. But they are all about the same size, shape, and design which connects them together. They are dated back to the Bronze Age.
1. The Golden Hat of Schifferstadt, 1.400 B.C., height 29,6 cm
2. Avanton Gold Cone, 1.000 – 900 B.C., height 55 cm
3. Golden Cone of Ezelsdorf/Buch 1.000 – 900 B.C., height 88 cm
4. Berlin Gold Hat 1.000 – 800 B.C., height 75 cm.
Each hat is made out of one piece of gold, worked into a thin sheet with fine ornaments, a very elaborate craftsmanship. What was the purpose of these hats? Did they have a sacred ceremonial funktion? As research has shown the ornamentation reveals astronomical knowledge. With these hats one could determine the sun and lunar year. So they knew about the order of heaven, earth and time. There are other finds in Europe which have the same ornamentation: Comerford Crown, Ireland and the Axtroki Hats, Spain.