Dragon Houses of Euboea



Mont Ochi

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced technology, Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


Quote from Ramon Z├╝rchers Article in SAGENHAFTE ZEITEN(German) No. 6/2018:
“…We are standing in front of the Dragon House of Mt. Ochi.
A magical first impression. The gigantic – or cyclopean – stone blocks lie perfectly layered and interlocked in each other and on top of each other. Their dimensions, the straight lines and angles, are a unique contrast that sets the structure apart from the surrounding rock. Like in a created order amidst the natural surrounding chaos. This structure is a testament to technological ingenuity in a distant intangible past. Reverentially, we enter the mighty entrance of the 12.7 x 7.7 m building … and stand in a huge hall. One feels very small and marvels at the floating giants above. How was this gorgeous work accomplished, on a barren mountain, with the worst possible conditions? For each lifting, crane, trees would have had to be carried to the summit, each tool, each rope. Unimaginable.
Even if the vegetation and climatic conditions were different at the time of construction, the monstrosity remains mysterious in terms of construction. The largest cover plate above the entrance measures 4 x 2 x 0.34 meters. We explore the walls and find countless slabs that have been worked into polygonal shapes for the purpose of better wedging. Each block is a unique piece!

More details also about the astronomical alignements, please see link below.

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