Oshiko Shrine Ishi-no-Hoden japanese Rock Shrine



Ooshiko-21 Amidacho, Takasago, Hyogo 676-0823, Japan

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced technology, Ancient historical records of extra terrestrial interaction


The Ishi-no-Hoden monolith is located at a shito shrine called “Oshiko-jinja” in Japan. This huge monolith has an astonishing weight of 500 – 700 metric tons and is around 7 meters wide and 6 meters tall. The monolith is made off Hyaloclastite, a glas-like material that formed around 70 mio. years ago by volcanic eruptions in the water. Strangely, the monolith seems to be floating above a pond of water and no traces of tool machining, known to humans, can be found on the monolith itself, but tool machining traces can be found on the rock below the monolith. Like with many ancient unexplainable sites and artifacts, this one is also related to the gods. The legend tells of a god called Amatsu who ordered two gods, Oonamuchi and Sukunahikona, to bring peace to the area where the monolith is located. They were ordered to build a stone palace in just one night. When they were halfway done with the work, another group of gods attacked them, so they could not finish their work. The entrance they built from the monolith, tipped over in west-wast direction. Even though, the two gods could not finish the work, they said that their souls will stay in the monolith for eternity and will bring peace and calmness to the area.

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