Geigerles Lotterbett



Geigerle’s Lotterbett rock near Neubulach.

Human ability anomaly


This rock made of middle red sandstone (rubble sandstone formation) is not particularly large with a dimension of 2 by 3 meters. It is its shape that makes it protrude from the thousands of red sandstone rocks of the same size in the Black Forest.
The rock “Geigerles Lotterbett” is located in the Nagoldtal immediately south of the junction of the Teinach valley on a mountain spur that protrudes from the west into the Nagoldtal and forces the Nagold into a large loop. The Calw-Nagold railway line crosses the mountain spur in a tunnel. The Waldeck castle ruins are located at the end of the mountain spur directly above the Nagold.
The shape of the rock Geigerle Lotterbett has given rise to numerous stories. In the 12th century the following story arised:
“The shape of the rock is derived from a legend according to which a poor musician who could not raise the money for an overnight stay in the inn. And so from time to time I slept in this rock.
One day he wanted to help a woman who was trying to release her husband, who had been kidnapped in the Waldeck keep.
However, the lady of the castle rode him down. With the words “Here you have your loosen bed”
his body had been placed in the rock niche.

The forest witches tried for years to bring the musician back from the realm of the dead through a ritual. But this ritual never worked. So the witches tried the ritual one last time, on January 6th.
On this day the witches made it, they brought the musician back from the realm of the dead. But it is still said today that something went wrong with the ritual, the musician came back with special powers and with a good sense for intruders.
The musician was so grateful to the witches that he would do anything they could wish for.
The witches council decided that they urgently needed a guard to protect the ruins and the witches.
And so the Waldeck witches created the ruins guard.
He watches over the witches, the ruins and the whole forest.”

You can reach the rock Geigerles Lotterbett from above, from the plateau near Neubulach, and from below, from the Nagoldtal.
From Altbulach you drive slightly downhill on the K 4304 in the direction of Nagoldtal. At the edge of the forest there is a playground and a parking lot, called Rastplatz Wasen. From there, the yellow diamond of the Black Forest Association leads 0.8 kilometers and with a difference in altitude of 120 meters on a path that is partly steeply down to the Geigerle rest area.