Erdmannli Formation



Wohlen, Aargau

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced technology, Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


The place is called “Erdmannli stone” (Earth men stone). But it is actually not a single stone but a Trilith. As the word itself contains. It is a composition of three gigantic stone blocks. Officials are still disputing if it is naturally laid from the “Reuss”-glacier, or if its man made. We have stone hard proof, that the ancient giants were set up artificially. The formation is built on a moraine hill. This is loose gravel and stones, and the construction would just have submerged over the millennia. So, Georg Brunner (+) – he spent his whole life reevaluating this formation – was able to do a geo radar measurement. It clearly shows that there is a base construction for those giants.

A fourth stone plate is set up aside. Its purpose is to be a projection wall. Every year twice, in spring after March 21st (Equinox) and after September 21st a phantastic light show is displayed. In the afternoon from 4.45pm to 5.10pm the sun stands in an angle to send the light through the formation and displays a head of a wolf. Just for a few minutes.

The weight of the head stone is 55.3 tons ( 19.752 cubic meters) The approximate weight of the granite is 2.8 tons/cubic meter. This stone is on only three points in contact with the ones below, and this since the end of the last ice age.
We also calculated the volume and weight of the carry-stones (only the part which is above ground). Boulder A is 43.95 tons, and boulder B, which carries the biggest part of the weight, is 14.29 tons. We dont know at the moment, how deep they go into the ground, where the foundation starts. The amazing thing is that block B has a footprint of only 2.78 square meters at floor level. But it holds the main load of the capstone. See pictures of our calculations below.
This is a prime example for RamaR-fingerprint: Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills.

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