Straw suits – worldwide tradition – main example: Bep Kororoti from the Kayapo tribe in the amazon




Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge, Ancient historical records of advanced technological knowledge, Ancient historical records of extra terrestrial interaction


Many Indian tribes in Brazil remember that their ancestors were once visited by celestial cultural bringers. The most famous is the Kayapo myth about Bep Kororoti, who is imitated in ceremonies wearing a straw suit that is amazingly reminiscent of modern spacesuits. Joao Américo Peret documented their legend in 1952, before the first man in space. (Juri Gagarin, 1961)
Until today, the tribe unites once a year and do the dance around their leader in a straw suit. He holds a stick in his hands, which is called “kop”. The legend the dancing tribe sings is roughly as following: A tremendous thundering appeared in the sky and all people and the animals from the forest tried to hide. The next day a big being stood in the middle of the village. It had no opening for mouth, nose or ears. It was huge, but friendly – it presented gifts to the natives and they offered some as well. He later teached the Kayapo in astronomy, agriculture, some tricks to melt stone (soft surface, which hardens again after a few minutes) and so on. His stick turned out to be a paralization weapon, which he demonstrated on an attacking Jaguar. When Bep Koroti left, he promised to return once in far time. That’s why the tradition is still living – to prepare the far generations for the return of their heavenly teacher.