Trade routes over all oceans – millenia ago



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Dr. Dominique Görlitz is an experimental archaeologist and the expedition leader of the ABORA-Projects, among many other researching programs. He is a PhD geobotanist and experienced anthropologist.
In 1976 French scientists prove the occurrence of tobacco leaves and even the South American tobacco beetle in the mummy of Ramses II. Dr. Svetlana Balabanova proved by forensic tests the occurrence of New World alkaloids for mummification purposes in more than 3.000 Egyptian mummies. Dr. Görlitz wrote his doctor thesis about the “out of place” plants and artefacts, which must have been traded specifically over the oceans.
In 1992 Dominique Goerlitz discovered the Lee-Board-Sailing-Technique on rock drawings in Upper Egypt dating from approximately 5,500 years ago. These lee boards were used as a keel on modern yachts. They allow the raft to sail across and even against the wind. In four big reed boat expeditions he experimentally proved the functionality of these lee-board for tacking across and against the wind. So, he already sailed with his reed boats across the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.
Vanilla, pineapple, cocain, tobacco – including pipes – Agave and many more relicts have been found in Middle East, Africa and Europe. How did they get here? A coincidental travel over thousands of miles over the oceans is not possible for certain reasons, which Dr. Görlitz explains in his thesis. Find the link below:
ABORA is to find answers to this question and many more.