Chaco Canyon – Anasazi


United States

Chaco Canyon

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


The Anasazi people once lived in the southwestern United States. They left behind for posterity sites as fascinating as they were mysterious in the steep, impassable canyons of the barren land. Archaeologists puzzle over who designed the “master plan” for these astronomically oriented sites, which was followed for generations until the day the sacred centers were suddenly abandoned. Were the Anasazi following divine instructions?

Todays archaeologists are perplexed and intrigued by a phenomenon they have named the “Chaco Phenomenon”. Seemingly without transition, the Anasazi find themselves carrying out a building project that must have been designed, planned and executed by an entire team of architects, astronomers, mathematicians, civil engineers, masons, artists, designers and surveyors. If they had just built simple pit houses, now suddenly grandiose stone metropolises, Great Houses, as they are admired by archaeologists, were created, which look as if they had been designed on a drawing board.

Archaeologists are faced with a mystery: How could such a sudden cultural leap have happened? Who or what could have triggered it? The whole thing must have been deliberate, intelligent planning. A gigantic, interwoven, designed and planned construction project. Everything is in the exact place intended and calculated beforehand. Among Southwest archaeologists, there was talk of the mysterious “master plan” – but who had been these intelligent and high-level “master planners”? Where from all of a sudden this astonishing building logistics of people who shortly before knew only primitive earth-stone walls? These simple basket makers should have suddenly applied highly developed architecture, astronomy and engineering? What troubled archaeologists most was the suddenness of this cultural leap, which occurred sometime shortly before or after the year 800.

Studies and research by the Solstice Project, an interdisciplinary group of scientists focusing on archaeoastronomy, and other experts have revealed intriguing geometric-astronomical patterns in the Anasazi region since the 1980s. Archaeologists speak enthusiastically of “cosmic landscape architecture” or “solar and lunar geometry.” On a large scale, the master plan reflected the cycles of the sun and moon. Not a single building in the Chaco phenomenon stands in its place without a metric reason. There are several lines in Chaco Canyon alone that have been aligned to specific dates of the solar cycles, more often designed to lunar cycles. These connect “Great Houses” and “Great Kivas” with each other and cross each other, also including “Outlier-Great-Houses”. No archaeologist has yet found an answer to the question for what purpose all these lines were laid out.

But the most important question is this: Who were the mysterious master planners who were apparently suddenly there and had the master plan ready and waiting? There are traditions about Katchinas, culture bringers “from the stars”, who are said to have lived among the Indians for some time and left again. Localities of the Chaco phenomenon appear again and again in the traditions about these Kachinas. In addition, strange star beings appear on petroglyphs of the period after the end of the Anasazi culture. Why has no Southwest archaeologist yet suspected a connection here? So, if no other known culture and not even the simple pit house Anasazi come into question as master planners – who then? Are we dealing here with an intervention by representatives of an alien intelligence?

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