Melitopol Stone Tomb




Ancient historical records of advanced technological knowledge


From SZ 2/2009, Dr. Oleg Olchowikow:

Ukraine is littered with “zmien walls” (serpentine earth walls), huge walls heaped up from earth, which by their total length and circumference probably exceed the construction works of the Great Wall of China. Many prehistoric settlements and sacred sites of the ancient peoples of this area, which disappeared into nothingness, are still waiting here for their explorers.

One of these sites, inappropriately named “Stone Tomb”, is located not far from the city of Melitopol, on the bank of the Molochnaya River. Some researchers believe that this consecrated site would have had another name, Bog-Gora, the God Mountain, even in the times of the Kyiv Old Russia epoch. In the course of thousands of years this land has been shrouded in legends. As Herodotus tells, Heracles is said to have come here in Cimmerian times to perform his heroic deeds; the pugnacious Amazons lived here, and later the royal Scythians buried their kings on this territory. The Celtic legends ascribe to the druid Merlin that he was born in this mystical land, and so it is not surprising that until our present time Brahmins and sensitive people make pilgrimages to the ancient “stone tomb”.

Excavations indicate that this huge stone mound may be the oldest sanctuary on earth, as the prehistoric site has existed for about 22000 years. On the walls of many caves and grottoes that do not reach very far into the mound, on the altars and ledges formed by nature, our ancestors left rock carvings from long ago. By means of these artistic works they tried to record the events of the fast passing time. It seems that over time, this peculiar archive was also worshipped and venerated by people who lived far outside this area (now called Priazowie).

The petroglyphs, made thousands of years ago, convey information about what our distant ancestors saw and knew. They do not contain distortions of meaning, which inevitably arise in the narrators who pass the traditions from generation to generation. The expeditions of N.I. Vesselovskaya, M.J. Rudinsky, V.N. Danilenko and V.M. Mikhailov, who investigated the “Stone Tomb”, did a colossal job, excavating the caves and making copies of the petroglyphs.

If one examines the petroglyphs on the walls of the “stone tomb” more closely, one notices something astonishing: namely, what the orthodox historians prefer to conceal. Thus, an unprejudiced researcher, looking closely at the “stone archive” of this archaeological monument, is struck first of all by an immense amount of representations, which are apparently based on technological elements. In fact, if we look at the objects and events depicted on the petroglyphs, the result is that their functioning could not have been known at all in the Stone Age or in the Chalcolithic period. The technologies engraved in stone are more comparable to those of the present, and even seem to surpass our present achievements.

The evaluation of the petroglyphs on the walls of the Neolithic “stone tomb”, which can be considered as an indication for the theory of paleo-Seti contacts, could result in a whole book. Certainly, one can ask whether the enigmatic representations of the “stone tomb” really reflect those technologies that were secretly observed by our ancestors in arrivals from the cosmos. And, of course, one cannot give a definite answer to this question. But equally one can doubt the interpretations put forward within the framework of traditional theories of the history of primitive societies. But one thing is clear: that the views proclaimed as “official” cannot ultimately offer a credible alternative when we are confronted with symbols and traditions that are difficult to understand, as we encounter them throughout the earth. The old dogmatic views rather impair the search for truth than contribute to understanding.

The outstanding Ukrainian archaeologist, head of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Crimea, Askold Stschepinski, wrote at that time with annoyance in his essay “Earth civilization is not unique” that “the archaeological findings, which speak for the possible visit of the Earth by inhabitants of other planets” are unfortunately concealed, because they do not correspond to the paradigm of the existing scientific schools.

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