Puff the Magic Dragon pictograph from Wupatki


United States


Biological artefact in contradiction to mainstream science evolution theory, Other unexplained phenomenal occurence


In his great book “Earth Epochs” John Jensen Jr. shows an image of the Puff the Magic Dragon pictograph from Wupatki. The depiction looks like a dragon creature spitting fire. This petroglyph must be extremely old. Though there is no certain way to date such petroglyphs, it is believed to be at least several hundred years old. Did dragons maybe really exist? Here an excerpt from John Jensen Jr.s book about this dragon:
This petroglyph can be seen at the Wupatki National Park near Flagstaff,
Arizona. It has been named “Puff, The Magic Dragon!” I have no idea
whether some dinosaur could in fact breathe fire, but I am more inclined
to be open minded than skeptical, because I am assuming the premise
that the artists of these examples are representing something they
encountered. Fire breathing dragons are a worldwide construct of magic-
myth for nearly all cultures.

Fran Barnes, a recognized authority on rock art of the American South-West, writes, In the San Rafael Swell, there is a pictograph that looks very much like a pterosaur, a Cretaceous flying reptile (Swift, Dennis, Messages on Stone, Creation Ex Nihilo, vol. 19, p. 20)

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