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Last Reported Mysteries

Report Date     Country     Type     Name    
10/04/2021     Ukraine     Site     Melitopol Stone Tomb    
09/17/2021     United States     Site     Chaco Canyon – Anasazi    
09/16/2021     Central African Republic     Artefact     Ishango Bone    
07/12/2021     Germany     Site     Dolmen Rügen    
06/09/2021     South Africa     Phenomenon     Kalahari-Spiralen    
06/02/2021     Israel     Artefact     The Manna Machine    
05/16/2021     Germany     Artefact     Trade routes over all oceans – millenia ago    
05/13/2021     Brazil     Phenomenon     Straw suits – worldwide tradition – main example: Bep Kororoti from the Kayapo tribe in the amazon    
04/21/2021     Switzerland     Site     Erdmannli Formation    
04/17/2021     Japan     Artefact     Dogu Figurines Japan    
04/15/2021     China     Site     Sanxingdui culture and archaeological site in China    
04/14/2021     Germany     Artefact     Geigerles Lotterbett    
04/13/2021     Japan     Site     Oshiko Shrine Ishi-no-Hoden japanese Rock Shrine    
03/03/2021     Peru     Site     Gate of the Gods, Puerta de Hayu Marca, Aramu Muru    
02/26/2021     Canada     Phenomenon     General Ricardo Bermudez Sanhueza – I am convinced that UFOs exist    
02/24/2021     United States     Phenomenon     First lieutenant Robert Salas – UFOs over military base