Partner-Project: Research “Object M” in Estonia

17 Nov , 2016 Partners

Our Partner Lars A. Fischinger is researching the mysterious “Object M”, an anomalous object or even an UFO which is hidden beneath the ground in Estonia. Some time ago, he was finaly able to get a copy of the original research documents. The documents are written in cyrillic script and the translation is difficult. He’ […]

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X NASA Scientist & Founding Father Of The Internet Lets The World Know That Aliens Are Real

15 Jul , 2016 Uncategorized

It’s astonishing how many credible people are trying to create awareness about a phenomenon that, if it were to become entirely transparent to the world, would most likely transform all aspects of humanity, leaving nothing untouched. If there was full extraterrestrial disclosure, we would have so many questions to consider. How do they travel so far […]

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