Terms & Conditions General terms and conditions for the use of the RAMAR platform of New Horizons Projects GmbH as well as general community rules within the platform. Platform system Object RAMAR provides services to exchange information from the Internet. RAMAR is not directly responsible for the actual information. These are only made between a member and other homepages. Of the Treaty By using the platform, the user accepts these terms. Limitation of liability The use of the platform is at your own risk. Compensation claims due to performance disruption of the service are excluded. Also excluded is liability for damages resulting from the influence of force majeure. RAMAR shall not be liable for any third party’s information transmitted, completeness, correctness or topicality, or that it is free from the rights of a third party, or that the sender / sender of the transmitted information is acting legally, unless intent or gross negligence on the part of RAMAR before. Services RAMAR reserves the right to adapt the scope of its services, including membership fees, at any time. Texts and pictures Text and image contributions with illegal, racist, violence-glorifying, sexist and vulgar contents are not tolerated and will be erased immediately and without prior notice to the author of RAMAR from the platform. Infringements on the Internet are subject to prosecution and can be displayed by RAMAR. Important: If you are concerned about copyrights, you must first check whether the written consent of the originator has been obtained. Data protection RAMAR points out that personal data is stored as part of the creation of a profile. If the member grants consent to the use of the data on the website, profits from third-party offers on ramar.space or participates in surveys, he declares that he agrees to his data from New Horizons GmbH under ramar.space and any service providers for market research , For target group and customer profile analyzes, as well as for interesting and favorable offers and for advertisements, which meet the recognizable interests, can be processed and used. The dissemination and further use of the data for market research as well as for advertising that meets the recognizable interests is limited to companies and organizations from the following sectors: publishers and media clubs, address and mail-order companies, telecommunication service providers, gambling and gambling games (eg Lotteries), travel and tourism, health care, financial services and insurance companies, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, non-profit associations, vehicle manufacturers and traders, vocational training and further training institutes. Except, this is explicitly forbidden by the user. RAMAR expressly informs the User that data protection for data transmissions on the Internet can not be fully guaranteed. The user acknowledges that RAMAR can always view stored data from a technical point of view. By recording tours, events, or mysteries, you automatically agree that ramar.space can provide this information to third parties for publication. Rights of use As images and texts are displayed on other webpages for optimal distribution of advertisements, RAMAR is granted the full right to use all images and texts. Severance clause Should any provision of this Agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provision. On the contrary, instead of the invalid provisions, a substitute provision which corresponds to the purpose of the agreement or which is at least close at hand, which the parties agreed to achieve the same economic result if they had known the invalidity of the provisions. The same applies to the incompleteness of the provision. Final provisions The court is Horgen in Switzerland. Swiss law is applied. The contractual partner is obligated to contact RAMAR in trade and contract matters in the course of commercial transactions unless a different or additional contact point has been designated for technical questions in the basic contract. The legal successors of RAMAR are also bound by the obligations arising from contracts concluded on the basis of these terms and conditions. Community rules Basics Each user is responsible for his pictures and texts himself. RAMAR accepts no liability for the user’s contributions. This applies to both picture and text contributions. Self-promotion / homepages RAMAR is not welcome to post your own homepages. This is the responsibility of the operators of RAMAR, the administrators and the moderators. General information The creation of postings without text (emoticons etc.) is not tolerated. As a matter of principle, each contribution to the forum has to be related to one topic and has a certain amount of text. Entries should have a unique title so that the topic of the entry is visible to all users of the forum. Nobody is online around the clock. Therefore, the operators of RAMAR ask for a little patience, if one waits in the forum for a reply. Only if there is no answer after days, it is sensible to put the already asked question into the forum again. The constant repetition of a theme – also called Pushen – is not permissible. The operators of RAMAR, the administrators and moderators of RAMAR, are entitled to edit or delete contributions at any time, without prior consultation with the relevant authors. There is no right to release an entry. RAMAR’s administrators, RAMAR administrators and moderators never ask for personal passwords. Therefore, it is very important to NEVER enter or pass the personal password. Operators, amateurs and moderators The operators, administrators and moderators of RAMAR have the right to prosecute violations of the above-mentioned Community rules. This means that contributions and discussion topics can be edited and deleted. Faulty users can be excluded from the platform without stating reasons. If a user does not agree with these actions, he has the opportunity to complain about private messaging. Public discussions regarding this are not led and, if so, immediately deleted. Private complaints seriously complained about complaints are answered.