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RAMAR News VLog June 2017 Edition

We are proud to release the first issue of our monthly RAMAR news vlog video series. Every month we’ ll inform you about the latest news and the most recent scientific discoveries from all around the world.

Please enjoy this first issue and if you like our new series, then please become a RAMAR member and also subscribe to our youtube channel.

RAMAR Newsletter Infos

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of RAMAR,

It’ s a great honor and pleasure to have You onboard our ever-expanding ramar-platform. Only with combined efforts will we be able to solve the great mysteries.

We would like to get you involved in the discussions and theory-evaluations and also to keep you informed about the newest research results and latest findings around the globe. Therefore, our monthly newsletter and our news-section are great opportunities to stay up-to-date on the important topics.

If you have not received our newsletter yet, please check out the spam-folder in your e-mail-account and mark our newsletter as “NO Spam” so that you’ ll be able to read the newsletter and to receive future issues in your inbox instead of your spam-folder. We know that this is somewhat inconvenient but we are a new internet-platform and some e-mail-providers have a very strict spam-policy and e-mails from an unknown sender are automatically moved to the spam-folder. This is useful in most cases because it protects you from real spam-mails but it’ s a big obstacle for new platforms and companies in the world wide web.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and we hope that you find ramar as useful and inspiring as we do.