Rock scorings of Valcamonica

Rock scorings of Valcamonica

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Mystery Name: Rock scorings of Valcamonica

Latitude: 46.005175

Longitude: 10.348214

Country: Italy

Place Name: Valcamonica


The rock formations of the Valcamonica (also Val Camonica) in Valcamonica in the north of Italy are the worlds largest prehistoric petroglyphs. The rock scrawls are spread over a stretch of 25 kilometers along the valley and lie at altitudes between 20 and 1400 meters above sea level. The oldest petroglyphs, such as those in the municipality of Dafo Boario Terme, contain depictions of giant animals, which point to an archaic civilization of the Old and Middle Age, whose everyday life was characterized by hunting. The depictions of human beings as well as geometric figures from the Neolithic period, such as those in the nature reserve of Ceto, Cimbergo and Paspardo, point to the spread of the first agricultural traditions. From the same time, we also find first religious representations.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?

Proven Facts: Over hundered thousand chisselings were found.

Type: Bedrock carvings


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Reinhard Habeck several publications in German



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