Square-Faced Mummy with name Pachery or Nenu of Egypt

Square-Faced Mummy with name Pachery or Nenu of Egypt

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Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: Square-Faced Mummy with name Pachery or Nenu of Egypt

Latitude: 48.860611

Longitude: 2.337644

Country: Egypt

Place Name: Louvre Museum Paris


This mummy comes with a face that is interwoven strips of linen that make up the concentric square design over the mummy’s face. The body is allegedly remarkably well-preserved. According to the Louvre, x-rays revealed that the mummy was an adult male that lived in the Ptolemaic Period (305 BC to 30 BC). The museum researchers are not sure of the man’s name, but they believe it is either Pachery or Nenu. The question here is, this seems to be the only mummy today which comes with this square face design. Why did he want his face to be interwoven by squares?

Unsolved Mysteries:
Why is this mummy’s face interwoven with squares?

Proven Facts: Face of mummy is interwoven with squares

Type: Mummy

Culture: Ancient Egypt

Age Dating: > 350 BC

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https://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre-notices/mummy-man, https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/square-faced-mummy-0010895

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