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Report Date Country Type Name
02/21/2018 Greece Site Mycene – Greek megalithic fortress
02/21/2018 Greece Site Tiryns – Megalitic walls in Mycenaean style
02/05/2018 Pakistan Site Mohenjo-Daro, connection to Easter Island?
02/05/2018 United Kingdom UFO Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident
02/05/2018 Russia Site Artificial or natural hyper gigantic stone walls in Russia?
02/04/2018 China Site Ancient industry complex in Baigong?
02/04/2018 Egypt Site Serapheum underground tunnels with gigantic sarcophaguses
02/04/2018 Spain Site Son Real, Spain – Necropolis?
02/04/2018 Romania Artefact The mysterious AIUD-Object
02/04/2018 China Site Mysterious gigantic CAVE LABYRINTH in China
02/04/2018 Guatemala Artefact El Baul stele, Guatemala
02/04/2018 Italy Site Rock scorings of Valcamonica
02/04/2018 Peru Site Ollantaytambo, Peru
02/04/2018 Egypt Artefact The dove of Saqqara
02/04/2018 Turkey Site Nemrud Dag- strange Mountain top
02/04/2018 Turkey Site Hattusa – Hittites capital
02/04/2018 Turkey Site Yazilikaya – Sanctuary
02/03/2018 Japan Site Underwater structures near Yonaguni
02/03/2018 New Zealand Phenomenon Stone spheres worldwide, Moeraki Beach, New Zealand
02/03/2018 United States Artefact London Hammer, Texas
02/03/2018 United States Site Petrified dino and human tracks in the same sediment level
02/03/2018 Russia Site Stone Sphere world wide – Russia, Arctica
02/03/2018 Mexico Artefact Dragon monolith in Villa Hermosa, Mexico (Monument 19)
02/03/2018 Colombia Artefact Relief disc – Illustrated embryological growth phases
02/03/2018 United States Artefact Strange Geode with metallic structure inside – Coso Artefact
02/03/2018 India Site Mahabalipuram, India – A (technologically-)mysterious place
02/03/2018 Chile Artefact Rongorongo – writings on wooden tablets
02/03/2018 Ecuador Artefact Padre Crespi Collection – Unknown inscriptions
02/03/2018 Morocco Artefact Giant hand axes in Morocco
02/03/2018 Syria Artefact Giant hand axes in Syria
02/03/2018 Egypt Site Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau
02/03/2018 Iraq Artefact Ancient galvanic battery