Chavin de Huantar – mysterious temple of an unknown culture



Chavin de Huantar

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Ancient historical records of advanced technological knowledge


Under the main area lies a net of corridors and small rooms with ununderstood depictions. El Lanzon must have been placed during the construction of the corridors, because it is too big to move it down there through the corridors. You can find strange stone heads which remember to cargo cults. Missunderstood technology. Also the Raimondi-stele is very mysterious. What did the constructors wanted to show? Today you can find the Raimondi-stele in the anthropological museum in Lima. It is diorite stone and carved as we could not do it today with our tools. Incredible precise. The archaelogists speak of a jaguar-human with snake hairs…or is it just misunderstood technology?

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