Betz Mystery


United States

Fort George Island, Florida

Traces of ancient advanced engineering-skills, Traces of ancient advanced technology, Unexplained phenomenal occurence


Fort George Island, Florida: In March 1974, the Betz family found a strange metal sphere in their yard and believed it was a historic cannonball from Florida’s colonialisation. But the sphere was clean, free of corrosion, and shiny.

When the family took the sphere home, they said, it started to behave by itself. Their accounts were of the sphere rolling by itself, making noises, and vibrating.

From Wonderful Engineering:

Terry, the son of Antoine and Gerri Betz, was playing guitar and found that the sphere reacted to the sound of the guitar and made a throbbing noise which scared the family dog. Things took an even odder turn when they were sitting on the floor and rolling the sphere towards one another. When it was sent in one direction, it would change direction midway and head back to the person who rolled it.

All this attention to the Betz sphere alerted NASA as well. Their initial studies showed that the steel sphere was not manufactured or tampered with.

Military officials asked for the sphere to be taken back to their labs for further research and the Betz family declined. The Military, doing what they do best, seized the sphere and took it with them. The sphere was brought to Jacksonville Naval Air Station and X-rays could not penetrate to the center. They also found out that it could withstand 120,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

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