Avebury henge


United Kingdom


Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


Avebury henge was build 2.600 – 2.500 BC and is one of the largest neolithic stone circles of the British Islands. The henge is situated in the south west of England in the county of Wiltshire and consists of one big circle and two smaller circles surrounded by a large earth wall. Originally there where 154 sandstones building up the henge, today only 36 are remaining. Most of the stones where destroyed on instruction of the christian church in the 14th century, they considered this “Pagan” site as something evil. Four entrances lead inside the henge, two of them starting points for long Menhir roads. Archaeologists assume that Avebury was used as a ritual place but there is no clear evidence for that. Could these structures had an astronomical purpose or did the stones strengthen the earth energie? There is no question, this must have been an important place otherwise such efforts would not have been taken. There are a lot of older monuments nearby such as Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow and Windmill Hill. This prehistoric landscape is one of a kind you can find so much peace there. Maybe that is why our ancestors had chosen this special place for their unique Structures.